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 On-site & In-house Commercial Projects

Our professional glass etching work integrates commercial and residential architectural components alike.  When you're in need of personalized barware, glassware or beautiful decorative etched glass products, we can be of great help to you. When you need a logo etched into any glassware or barware, for example, we can make it happen for you.  Great for branding.  We also provide professional custom etching services for substrates such as granite, marble, ceramic tile and metal.  If you're searching for customized etched murals or scenes using glass, our business makes a strong option for you as well.  We also provide beautiful etched murals over mirrored glass panels.

   Thank you for visiting Glass Etching by Matisse, the solution to your logo, glass, granite, marble and ceramic tile decorative etching needs.   So just "Let It Be Etched"!



Commercial Company Logo Front Office Lobby Wall

Etched & Shaded (83" x 61")

Deer Park, Texas



                    Banquet Room Doors                   

            (Inside View)                  (Outside View)                     


    Kelley's Country Cookin' Restaurant

    Alvin, Texas



   Administration Bldg. & Plant Office   

  Industrial Plant Logo - Galena Park, Texas



                                                                                                  Wine Room Transom

                Italian Restaurant

   Wine Room - Houston, Texas


Company Logo

VIP Room Glass Panel

Humble, Texas


Fellowship of the Nations Church

Front Entry Doors Logo

Houston, Texas




                  Foyer Windows                           Front Door

Company Logo - Houston, Texas


Company Logo

Conference Room Window

(Tinted Glass Privacy Etch - 45 1/2" x 36 1/4")

Baytown, Texas



 Entrance Door

 Decorative Etched Striping

2 Greenway Plaza

Houston, Texas




Fellowship of the Nations Church Lobby

Tree of Life Mural

Houston, Texas





Community Fellowship Church Logo

Dayton, Texas





St. Luke's Patients Medical Center Logo

Front Entry Door

Pasadena, Texas



 Etched & Gold-Leafed Logo Glass Panel

Entry Office Door

Houston, Texas



Glass Etching by Matisse Showroom

Mirror Wall Tropical Scene Mural

6' x 9'

Houston, Texas


Glass Etching by Matisse Showroom

Partial Section of Mirror Wall Tropical Scene Mural

Houston, Texas



         Custom Etched Commercial Logo Ship Interior

                                           Cabin Door                                        



       Custom Etched Ship Interior Cabin Door       

Etched Wall Entry Mirror with Etched Marble Trim




Custom Etched Commercial Logo

(Background of door is clear glass.)



DISCLAIMER: Any illustrations of etched glass                                                                      
in which a company name or company logo appears
does not necessarily mean or imply that they are
endorsing our products and services.

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Houston, Texas 77015


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