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Glass Etching
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Flash Friday Express now in progress - Bring in your glassware to have it personalized on Fridays by 1:00 p.m. and we'll have it ready for pick up by 5:00 p.m.  We also do metal engraving as well.  Great for last minute gifts, wedding flutes, and wedding accessories!

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Businesses/Companies - Bring in your promotional glassware and let us etch them with your company logo for company recognition - A functional personalized gift for your client goes a long way in promoting your brand!


When you hire us for professional customized glass etching work, you can always feel more than confident in our abilities and skills. We perform professional customized glass etching work via sandblasting using a focused hands-on method of directing the flow of the abrasive as it hits the glass or another substrate. This glass etching method is currently known by the name of "abrasive etching" and more commonly known as "sandblasting".  Since we started, through time, we have established innovative and one-of-a-kind etching techniques that are highly efficient and effective.

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On-site Glass Etching Services

You don't have to buy or build a new home in order to enjoy some of the upscale style architectural elements that are offered by some of the high-end builders of new homes.  In today's economy, especially, you can remodel or do upgrades to your home for a lot less than getting a new mortgage.

One of the architectural elements in your home that can be changed or upgraded is your interior or exterior doors.  If the existing or already installed door is a glass door, you can have the glass panel custom-etched with whatever design style you want.  Once the custom design is decided upon, an on-site glass etching service team will come out to your location and etch the glass on site.  The on-site glass etching team can etch on any existing windows, doors or bathroom glass enclosures with a privacy etch, if privacy is needed, without compromising the design element and giving it visual appeal.
Having glass doors custom-etched as part of a remodelling or decorating process is a way of giving a home a sophisticated or high-end look at affordable prices. Glass etching is an element in the design process that is classic, never goes out of style, and frequently used in custom high-end decor.  It rates high in sophistication and elegance and can be adapted to any decor, adding architectural interest while still keeping the functionality aspect.

Custom Etched Tiles: Ceramic/Glass

Ceramic tiles in any size may be custom-etched and used in decorative applications such as a border around a backsplash, depending on the size needed for the border, all the way up to a fireplace surround.  Larger tiles may be used for a custom-etched tile mural in a shower stall or on a bathtub wall. Etched tiles may also, for example, be used in exterior applications such as against an exterior wall that may have a fountain in front of it, so that the mural is in the background of the location of the fountain.
The etched design on the tiles may have color applied to them or left in their natural state.  Etched ceramic tiles may also be used for medallions in floor applications with a custom design or logo for both residential and commercial spaces. Glass tiles have really come a long way.  Glass tiles may be used not only as glass coasters or paperweights but can be back painted and etched for using in a border or other applications.  They’re very easy to wipe off and keep clean, and the design is viewed from the top side through the glass.  The use of custom-etched tiles is another design element that can be incorporated into a new build-out or a renovation.

Etched/Carved Glass with LEDs

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.  LEDs are usually found in flashlights and signage.  LEDs must be placed against the glass on the sides or top and bottom of the glass to illuminate the etched or carved glass.  LEDs illuminate in a full spectrum of colors which gives etched or carved glass a 3-D look.  They also come in clear white.
LEDs are not only decorative, but they can be added to functional decorative glass such as mirrors, doors, windows, etc.  It's one of the latest and innovative ways to add an extra bit of interest to decorative as well as functional glass.

Privacy Etch

A "privacy etch" is an etching done on the glass panel of a front entrance door, bathroom windows, shower enclosures, interior doors and windows where privacy is required from being able to see inside or through the glass.  There are different levels of privacy etching, depending on how much coverage for privacy is required.  The etching may be done as a full coverage on the glass or it may be etched with a design as a "reverse etch" where the background is etched and the design appears clear on the glass.
So the "privacy etch" doesn't have to be a complete coverage of the entire glass.  The privacy etching can also be incorporated with a design in which a small amount of light is able to filter through the glass such as the whole background of the glass being etched and having a border around the edge that is clear.  There are many creative ways to do a "privacy etch" by etching different patterns or graphics within the etching that compliment the individual decor.

Replication of Architectural Elements

Whether your previously etched windows or doors have been damaged, either by wear and tear, by accident, or through storm damage, a "replication" or reproduction of the previously etched design may be done for replacement purposes.  If the previously etched design or artwork is no longer available, the replication of the previous etching can be done by taking a tracing of some of the glass pieces, if they exist and are big enough to see the design on them or, if there is an existing photograph of the etching.
For replacement purposes, it's always good to take photographs of any embellishments on windows or doors in your home or office.  That way if there has been any custom etching work done previously on the glass and the glass is damaged, the glass can be replaced and the design can be replicated or reproduced at a later time; if desired.

Is there a difference in Computerized Rotary Engraving, Computerized Laser Engraving and Sandcarving or Abrasive Etching on glass?

Yes, there is a difference between the processes. Computerized Rotary Engraving and Computerized Laser Engraving are both typically automated processes by means of using computerized engraving equipment as opposed to the focused hands-on process used in Sandcarving or Abrasive Etching, also known as Glass Etching.  Some people refer to etching as frosting.
Abrasive etching or "sand carving" does require a particular level of craftsmanship skills and experience in order to achieve a flawless etching on personalized products such as barware, wine glasses, decorative glassware, as well as recognition products such as corporate awards, and etching photos on glass.
There are several steps in the process of personalizing glass before it is etched.  Abrasive etching or sand carving is not an automated process like a laser.  It is a hands-on process and is labor-intensive, but the end result of the etching is exquisite, clean, and beautiful.
It is important to take note of the fact that the industry market pricing between the different etching processes will vary due to the amount of labor and craftsmanship that is put into the product by the type of etching process used.

Etched Mirror Glass Tiles

The use of mirror glass does not have to be limited to hanging a mirror on a wall for utilitarian purposes.  They are also used for decorative purposes as well.  Mirror glass can be cut to different sizes and shapes for a custom look and can be etched.  One of the ways that mirror glass may be used both decoratively and functionally, for example, is by placing mirror glass tiles on a table as part of the centerpiece.
Etched mirror glass tiles can be grouped together to form a table runner or individually as part of the centerpiece complementing the décor.  The etched mirror glass tiles combined with votives make beautiful centerpieces. Mirror glass may be special-ordered from your glass supplier and cut to your custom dimensions and shape.